How to Clean Corners of Carpet

You may sometimes see draught marks on your rugs and carpet edges. This makes you wonder how to clean a dirty carpet easily. You can mistake these black spots on carpet for mildew. Yet you can notice that they are visible near doors, air vents, edges of stairs, and around the baseboards. Learn how to […]

How to Get Gum Out of Carpet with Peanut Butter

Many chew gum because it helps make our breath fresh. However, once the gum leaves our mouth it becomes quite useless, and makes a sticky mess on the place where it eventually lands up. It can be more frustrating when gum gets on the floor, specifically the carpet. Apart from making a mess, gum can […]

Vinegar On Carpet to Remove Odor

Vinegar has been used as a homemade remedy for centuries – from weight loss solutions, to homemade disinfectants. This is all thanks to its highly acidic nature. Therefore, it’s really no surprise that vinegar can be used to remove whatever stench is coming from your carpet. Vinegar is incredibly cheap and eco and pet friendly; […]