How to Clean Corners of Carpet

You may sometimes see draught marks on your rugs and carpet edges. This makes you wonder how to clean a dirty carpet easily. You can mistake these black spots on carpet for mildew. Yet you can notice that they are visible near doors, air vents, edges of stairs, and around the baseboards. Learn how to clean corners of carpet to get rid of these black lines.

Filtration Soiling

The black lines or black spots on carpet that you see are caused by imbalanced ventilation in your home space. The escaping airflow forces itself through openings found in closed doors and floorboards. This is because the escaping air leaving the room has a lower rate than that of the air that enters. Since the air passes through the carpet, it gets caught in the fabric so pollutants get stuck in the carpet.

Black Spots on Carpet
Black Spots on Carpet

This causes black marks to be visible on a dirty carpet as time passes by. These marks are called filtration soils that may come from clay or sand particles, furniture polish residue, and even automobile emissions. Once oily contaminants that are airborne get trapped by the fibers, more dry soils accumulate in your dirty carpet.

Cleaning Dirty Edges

You need to know how to get black stains out of carpet. Vacuum cleaning won’t be enough to remove the stubborn spots. The carpet fibers are already filled with dirt and only scrubbing and water will work to dislodge the dirt.

  1. To learn how to clean corners of carpet well, you need to use a pull scraper or a brush with hard bristles on the pile of carpet. In order to do this, attach the tool to the hose of your vacuum cleaner before running it along the area you want to clean.
  2. Using a clean white rag dipped in warm water, scrub the black marks vigorously.
  3. If some spots are left, treat them with detergent. To improve how to get black stains out of carpet, use shampoo or a homemade solution. You may choose between a commercial carpet shampoo or a DIY solution of liquid soap, white vinegar, and lukewarm water. Vinegar removes odor on carpets. Apply the solution or the shampoo on the dark spots and use a scrub brush to brush them away.
  4. The last step on how to clean a dirty carpet is to wipe away the dirt and foam by using a wet white rag before allowing the textile floor covering to dry. Vacuum the surface dirt and other loose carpet fibers.
How to Get Black Stains Out of Carpet
How to Get Black Stains Out of Carpet

Preventing Soil Filtration

Reduce airborne pollutants by limiting the use of air fresheners, humidifiers, and indoor smoking. There are fabric materials that shed particles so be careful of choosing the doilies, curtains, plush toys, and upholstered items you place in open areas.

Opening windows during the day can ease ventilation and help maintain indoor temperature. Identify air escape routes and block the gaps tightly. One example is using expandable foam sealants between the carpet and the baseboard trim.

There are many carpet cleaning methods you can try on how to clean dirty carpet. Clean ducts on a regular basis to avoid the accumulation of dust and other airborne contaminants. You may use a pressure washer and consider hiring professional carpet cleaning experts who best know how to clean corners of carpet.

Cleaning professionals often use hot water extraction, commonly known as steam cleaning which is effective in dissolving and removing grime. To worry less about how to clean dirty carpet, you can leave all the trouble to the experts.

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