How to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas?

How to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas

Pets, Kids and Shoes Oh My!

How to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas? Carpets in high traffic areas can get dirty faster, especially if you have pets and kids at home. It is important to protect these high traffic areas like living room, kid’s bedroom etc. to ensure that the carpet looks fresh and new always. But majority of the household owners have the same question about how to protect carpet in high traffic areas. Carpets in the high traffic areas tend to get more stains and dusts than usual. You must protect is from pet’s hair, dusts and dirt carried by shoes, stains of food and other things etc. All these dusts, dander and stains can ruin your carpet completely. Here are some ways to protect your carpet:

Vacuum Regularly

The high traffic areas are mainly the places which are used by everyone in the family and even guests. Thus, the carpets in these areas tend to get much dirtier than others. Even dusts and debris from outside the house is also carried into these carpets via shoes and socks. If you have pet in your house, then pet hairs will be all over the carpets in high traffic areas. Thus, vacuuming these areas thrice a week is essential. Vacuuming can help in removing all the dirt, dusts, debris and pet hair. It is better to consider vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter as they can efficiently pick up fine dusts and debris.

Spot-Cleaning & Stain Removal

People often serve coffee or tea in the living room. Even when guests come in, you may serve wine to them in the living room. Foods are also served and if you have kids at home, then you will know how difficult it is to keep foods away from the carpet. But in order to protect your carpet from these stains, you must be an expert in DIY or do-it-yourself projects. With the right cleansing solution, you can clean and remove the stains. You must do that immediately or it can turn into a stubborn one. Choose a mild cleanser which can neutralize the odor and remove the stains of wine and coffee spills or stains of greasy foods.


Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas

Keep A Door Mat

You cannot control the guests coming into your house with their dirty shoes or socks. But you can definitely prevent the dirt and debris coming in with them. Including a door mat in front of the door can help to prevent the outdoor dusts and debris from getting inside the house. Carpet Police recommend making polite request to your guests and even insist the family members to wipe off the feet in the doormat before entering. Though it cannot completely stop debris and dusts from entering, it can control at least. But you have to regularly clean the doormat too.

Ask To Keep Shoes Off The Carpet

How to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas? Besides training your pets and kids properly to keep the carpet clean, you must ask the guests and other family members to keep the shoes off. A shoe-off policy before entering inside can help to protect your carpet to a great extent. Not only the dusts and dirt are carried in with shoes but also shoes can ruin the carpet fibers. Carpets in high traffic areas can gradually wear away due to excessive use of shoes.


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