Carpet Cleaning

Assess your carpet
Determine price
Corner-guards are used to protect the walls of your home
Move furniture as needed *
Pre-spray with a carpet cleaning agent
Extract dirt and cleaning solution
Rinse with conditioning agent
Extract dirt, chemicals and moisture
Carpet grooming **
Apply a carpet stain protector (upon request)
Place tabs under furniture to protect carpet
Complimentary plastic shoe covers
Complimentary lifetime bottle of spotting solution

Tile & Grout

Assess your tile
Determine price
Corner-guards are used to protect the walls of your home
Move furniture as needed *
Pre-spray with a cleaning detergent especially designed for your tile and grout
Agitate the grout lines with brush to loosen dirt
High pressure rinse
Extract excess water
Apply grout sealer (upon request)


Assess upholstery composition
Determine price
Corner-guards are used to protect the walls of your home
Pre-spray with a cleaning detergent especially designed for furniture
Agitate with a horse-hair brush to help loosen dirt deep within the fabric
Rinse with conditioner
Extract dirt, conditioner and excess moisture
Apply teflon protector (upon request)

Air Duct Cleaning

Remove & clean vent covers
Insert a rotobrush to thoroughly scrub the inside of the duct work. The rotobrush is a fast rotating brush with a strong vacuum system attached to remove the debris after it has been scrubbed off the sides of the walls.
Inspect, clean or replace your air filter if possible.
After the vents are cleaned, the vent system can be fogged with a product called Benefect, which is a mild disinfectant. This helps rid the vent system of any bacteria, allergens and odor.
Replace vent covers & vacuum your carpets.

Full Services:

Carpet Cleaning Tucson

Cleaning, Stretching, Dyeing, Repairs (bonded inserts), Carpet Installation, Pad Replacement, Pet Decontamination, Deoderizing, Enzyme Treatment (for blood and other fluids), Stain Removal

Area Rugs

Cleaning, Pet Decontamination, Pad Cleaning and/or Replacement, Door Mats


Cleaning (ceramic, natural and saltillo), Grout Repair, Tile Repair, Tile Replacement, Grout Sealing, Color Grout Sealing (changes the color of the grout), Pet Decontamination, Sealing of Saltillo & Natural Stone Tile


Cleaning, Pet Decontamination, Mattresses, Vehicle Interiors, Recreational Vehicles, Enzyme Treatment (for blood and other fluids), Vinyl Cleaning & Waxing

Air Vents

Cleaning, Fogging (to remove odors & allergens), Dryer Vent Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Garage & Driveway Cleaning, Oil Stain Removal

Window Washing

Inside & Outside Cleaning, Screen Removal & Cleaning

Odor Treatment

Removal of Mal-odors, Ozone Treatment, Smoke Removal

Water Damage

Emergency 24 Hour Service, Water Extraction, Air Movers, Dehumidifiers, Packing-out of Belongings, Drywall Removal, Sporicidin Treatment, Mold Testing

* We move chairs, tables and smaller items at no charge. Beds, dressers, entertainment centers and heavier pieces are left in place
** This means making the pile of your carpet is standing tall

Customer Guarantee

While our commitment to quality is of primary concern, our customer service is equally important. If unsatisfied with the work performed, customer has 15 days to notify Carpet Police. Only if multiple attempts to clean the carpet have failed, will a refund be issued. Claims made after 15 days will be considered at the discretion of Carpet Police. If you are a renter and are cleaning your carpets prior to termination of your renter's agreement/lease, Carpet Police is not responsible for loss of cleaning deposit.

Your carpet cleaning was excellent. It was a pleasure having someone do a great job.

-Bill Gibson

After you were done the carpet looked brand new. You were sincere and personable.

-Jeanne Chase

I couldn't have been more pleased. The results were the cleanest carpet we've had.

-Agnes Jones